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Authentic Branding™

Branding has become such a buzzword lately that it's beginning to take on almost mystical overtones. Utter the word, and you'll turn heads. Listen for it, and it will likely be spoken in hushed, almost reverential tones. Books on branding become best sellers, and branding seminars draw large crowds. But for all this emphasis on branding, how many of us really know what the term means?

At HOW Studios, branding means spending the time to learn how your company does business, and where, and to whom. It means learning about your products and markets-who buys what? Where do they buy it? And why? Along the way, it means developing a distinctive look for you, and a singular voice, through a service we call Authentic Branding
TM. With it, you can more precisely influence the factors that have the greatest influence on your business:

o Clients/Customers: Identify, influence and modify behavior
o Talent Pool: Attract a superior work force.
o Market Share: Expand your recognition and influence.
o Media: Know it and use it better.
o Stakeholders: Enhance your position with investors, employees and customers

Since 1989, HOW Studios has been developing effective brand strategies and multidisciplinary design solutions for a roster of companies, all diverse in their lines of business, yet each sharing an upward growth path built on a singular brand image. A key component to this success has been a partnering attitude, and the co-creation of campaigns that are more innovative, stable and enduring than those of their competitors. The Authentic Branding
TM concept builds on this collaborative philosophy.

HOW Studios invites you to learn more about it.

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